Town and Church, Sat-Sun July 5-6

Debbie and Katya left Friday for Bwindi, and most of the others left on Saturday for Ishasha, Mweya and Bwindi. The few of us remaining spent the weekend resting and doing errands in Fort Portal.

Here are views of the four roads that converge at the main roundabout (rotary) in the town center.
At this time of year in Uganda, the sun rises in the northeast and makes an arc across the northern sky to set in the northwest. The sun is always north of where you are standing, so your shadow always points at least somewhat to the south. North of the Tropic of Cancer, where we live, your shadow always points north. Does your head hurt yet?

Steve and Barbara bought strikingly African fabrics in town. Steve had a shirt made on the spot. It was ready in a couple hours. Total cost with fabric and tailoring: about $10. Later Saturday evening we had another very tasty dinner at the Mountains of the Moon resort hotel.

On Sunday we went to church at St. Stephen's on the Kasiisi School grounds. The service lasted three hours, then another hour for the fine meal we all had afterwards! We were honored guests once again. Barbara spoke on our behalf to the congregation. The last part of the service was an auction to which we contributed some things, and during which we bought several food items that we donated back at the end. This little girl, Joyce Ruhweza's daughter, captured our hearts.

Later in the afternoon we visited the Tooro outlook rock along the road to Fort Portal. In town, we spent a fascinating hour at the botanical gardens, which are more of a working organic farm than typical such gardens found in the US. These women are preparing marigold flowers for use in a medicinal potion. Rainclouds burst, and we decided to call it a day, going "home" to Margaret's superb cooking at the Field Station.

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